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421 East Hickory Street, Mankato, MN 56001
(507) 387-1666
421 East Hickory Street, Mankato, MN 56001

Evidence-Based Classes

Evidence-based programs (EBPs) offer proven ways to promote health and prevent disease. They are based on research and provide documented health benefits, so you can be confident they work. Older adults who participate in EBPs can lower their risk of chronic diseases and falls. EBPs are based on rigorous study of the effects of the programs and demonstrate reliable and consistently positive health changes.

Evidence-based programs are offered by VINE at the Adult Community Center and in locations throughout the area in collaboration with the MN River Area Agency on Aging, the MN Department of Health, and Blue Earth County SHIP.  Check the VINE Newsletter or call Katie Simon at (507) 386-5591 for additional information.

Diabetes Prevention Program

The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) features an approach that is proven to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. By improving food choices and increasing physical activity, participants can lose modest amounts of weight, and thereby cut their risk of developing type 2 diabetes in half. This program provides one year of on-going support from trained lifestyle coaches and other participants.

Diabetes Prevention Program Information Sessions
Tuesday, Dec. 7, 3 – 4 pm, or Wednesday, Dec. 8, 11 am – 12 pm
VINE Adult Community Center

Learn more about VINE’s 2022 Diabetes Prevention Program, a year-long program helping participants improve their holistic health and prevent type 2 diabetes.

Call Katie at (507) 386-5591 for more information and to register.

Living Well with Chronic Conditions

Living a Health Life with Chronic Conditions (LHLCC) is designed to help people maintain wellness and continue to enjoy life while managing chronic health issues. Living a Health Life teaches skills useful for managing a variety of chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, depression, heart disease, and others. Participants will learn techniques to deal with problems associated with chronic disease, appropriate exercise, nutrition, and other topics.
Contact Katie at (507) 386-5591 for more information.

Living Well with Diabetes

Living Well with Diabetes Class
October 12 – November 16
Tuesdays 1 – 3 pm
Free and open to the public

Participants learn practical skills to take care of themselves and lead healthy lives while managing their diabetes. For more information and to register, contact Jen Wunderlich at (507) 386-5588.

PALs: Partners for Active Living

PALs is based on the EnhanceFitness™ exercise program that helps older adults of all fitness levels become more energized to remain independent and active. Each one-hour class includes aerobic exercises, strength training, stretching, and balance activities. Social support from other participants is also an integral part of the program. This class is appropriate for those who want a safe and gradual increase in their activity level. Exercises can be done seated or standing, and it is suitable for those who use a cane or walker.
Contact Katie at (507) 386-5591 for more information.

Stepping On

Stepping On is designed to reduce falls and build confidence. This seven-week class is based on research regarding people at risk of falling, have a fear of falling, or have fallen. Participants learn to identify and remove, or avoid fall hazards in the home and outside; how vision, hearing, medication, and footwear affect the risk of falling; simple strength and balance exercises; how to get back up properly if a fall does happen. Stepping On features trained facilitators and guest experts from Mayo Clinic Health System. VACC membership is not required.
Cost: A $20 fee covers the cost of class materials. Contact Katie at (507) 386-5591 for more information and to register.

Tai Chi for Health™

Tai Chi for Health teaches a new movement during each session. This specific program is easy to learn and provides many health benefits in a short time. Classes will be held indoors at VINE.
For inquiries, contact Jen at (507) 386-5588.

Tai Chi
Thursdays, January 13 – March 10
9 – 9:45 am
Free for Premium members, $60 Basic, $84 Supporting, $120 Public


Tai Ji Quan

Tai Ji Quan helps participants improve their balance and reduce the likelihood of falling. Participants learn balance skills, good body alignment and coordinated Tai Ji movements. This class is good for all ability levels, as it can be done standing or seated. For more information and to register, contact Lisa Johnson at (507) 386-5585.

Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance
Mondays & Thursdays, Jan. 24 – April 14
2:30 – 3:30 pm

Free and open to the public.

Walk with Ease

Walk safely toward better health

Reduce pain, improve your health and be more active

Join Walk with Ease, the Arthritis Foundation’s doctor recommended program that is proven to reduce pain while improving your overall health. The six-week program provides motivation and tips to safely make walking a part of your everyday life. If you can be on your feet for 10 minutes, this program is for you—even if you use a walker, cane or other aid.

Walk with Ease can help you:
• Reduce joint pain.
• Feel great while getting in shape.
• Learn how to walk safely, comfortably, and at your own pace.
• Increase balance, strength, and stamina.
• Learn stretching and strengthening exercises.

The next class begins in the Spring of 2022. Contact Katie Simon for more details at (507) 386-5591 or katiesimon@vinevolunteers.com

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