(507) 387-1666
421 East Hickory Street, Mankato, MN 56001
(507) 387-1666
421 East Hickory Street, Mankato, MN 56001

VINE Mind Academy

Is your mind not as sharp as it used to be?  VINE is offering a 12-week cognitive training course for those looking to train their brain. Class members meet twice a week with trained VINE staff to work on six different cognitive domains.  Participants will meet with Dr. Buchanan, MSU Psychology Professor, prior to the course to complete a pre-test and are given the option of participating in a research study.   

If you’d like to learm more about VINE’s Mind Academy, contact Adam Massman at (507) 386-5574.


Mondays and Thursdays

February 24 – May 14

3-4 pm

VINE Adult Community Center

421 E. Hickory St. Mankato


  • Even though its been only a few weeks, I feel as if the course has been applicable to my daily life. I’m paying more attention to things.

    Mind Academy Participant - 2019
  • I love these kinds of puzzles.

    Mind Academy Participant - 2019


The cost to participate in the program is $72 for 24 sessions. 

Registration is required.  Limited space is available. 

Call Adam at (507) 386-5574 to learn more or to register.  

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