Under the supervision of VINE’s Chore Program Manager, VINE is well qualified to assist adults age 60+ and people with documented physical disabilities with regular and seasonal chores, home repairs, and home modifications. We are committed to helping older friends and neighbors maintain personal independence in their own home.  VINE’s Chore Program not only helps secure a safe, healthy living environment for aging adults but also enables adult children and long-distance family caregivers to remain at work knowing that a trusted community organization is helping their loved one.

COSTS: Independent living at home is most often far less expensive than a permanent move to a facility.  VINE’s chore services are very affordable.  A member of VINE’s professional staff will visit with you to learn about your needs and discuss program costs. VINE accepts all major credit cards and can bill long-term care insurance. We work closely with county public health and will accept payment from public funding sources including Medicaid and state waiver programs. All service qualifications from your payer source will be reviewed and maximized. A sliding fee scale has been established to assure that those unable to pay full price for chore services receive the help they need. 

SERVICE PROJECTS:  Each year we host hundreds of area youth and adults in volunteer service through Rake the Town and Spring Clean up Days. Utilizing groups of volunteers from area businesses, civic groups, schools, and congregations, we regularly organize service projects that are beneficial to both the givers and receivers.  Contact VINE at 507-387-1666 to discuss short-term and one-time service opportunities.

JAIL AND COMMUNITY CORRECTION VOLUNTEERS: We are especially proud of our ongoing partnership with the Blue Earth County jail, through which nonviolent offenders are transferred into the custody of VINE's chore program staff three days a week. These supervised jail volunteers help with mowing and shoveling and other outside chores. Their sentences are not reduced as a result of their service at VINE; the only compensation they receive is the satisfaction of helping people with tasks that had become too difficult for them to accomplish on their own. Our chore program works with adults and teens who have court committed hours to serve through the Community Work Service Program. In several cases, "sentenced-to-serve" individuals have continued to help even when their required hours were completed. Past experience has taught us that service to others teaches valuable life lessons and can reduce the rate of recidivism.